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Article review writing service

Before writing a review, write down the key points:

-The goals set by the article.

-Teoretical and basic proposals to the consumer.

-If there is a clear conceptual line?

-Do you know the facts and are they of weight?

Does the article tell us about the problem with which it was written?

-How and how clear is the text written?

-Ownly determine the structure of the review

Next you need to come up with a good review title. In this plan, you can choose two types:



-The descriptive title.

The type is determined by how and in what style the article is written. What is she talking about.

Next, you need an introduction. How to write it correctly? In the review in the introduction, references to the main material are often left.

It is written in any styles. It can be and the statement of the information actual, the description of your impressions about a product that can hook the reader. It is a maximum of 20%.

In the article you need to write basic thoughts. They need to be summarized beforehand. How to do this if the promoted text is small? Highlight the main thoughts, support them with facts of research or evidence of the relevance of information.

Write reviews are recommended using quotes from the main document. Try to use these allocations less often. Maximum two times – only the most basic moments. If there are a lot of important points in the product, you can highlight one most weighty one, do not forget to mention the buyers ‘reviews or manufacturers’ facts. This will serve as evidence.

Write a quotes from other sources. Never write that you liked the product. Only arguments from external sources.

Intellectual completion

At the end, write an overview of the main parameters. Summarize all the positive aspects described in the article. Confirm once again the value of info with facts from other sources. That is, make an emphasis on how information or promoted product will come in handy. What knowledge the user will gain. And do not forget that the completion is no more than 10% of the review.

How to write the best essay

Considering the fact that the essay is essentially based on the personal opinion of the author, first you need to have a vivid position on any topic. Choose what it will be: a question, a situation, a problem, a work of art or something else. To correctly write an essay, it is important not only to express your own point of view, but also to justify it. As a rule, this literary genre is compelling in content texts, but not aggressive in mood and not claiming absolute truth.

It is perfectly permissible to describe the logical sequence of conclusions that led you to one conclusion or another. But don’t forget that speech should remain light and artistic, in no case shifting to a dry language of scientific justification. You can also touch upon the topic of your own experience or experiences related to the question raised in the essay, briefly explain at the outset why the topic is meaningful to you personally.

If the essay describes the impressions of a work of art (book, film, picture, etc.), it is very appropriate to express the emotions, experiences and thoughts that this creation has caused in you. Don’t hesitate to tell me what a first impression it made and with which you ended up staying. Perhaps this work has changed something noticeably in your perception of the world, problems, questions, has allowed something to be realized.

The more the topic of your strings touches the subject, the more interesting, vivid and imaginative is the essay, the more convincing and eloquent you will be in expressing your position. The main thing is not to be afraid to express it, as it is, even if it can potentially contradict some generally accepted norms, points of view. So the answer to the question, how to write an essay, is simple: it is enough to get emotionally touched by the topic and want to express your impressions in writing.

The beauty of the essay is the opportunity to express your opinion in a beautiful manner, no matter what the opinion. Try yourself in this unusual genre!


When entering a magistracy, the student should know that for two years of studying at the master’s program he will be engaged in research activities, the result of which will be the defense of the master’s thesis. Working on the text of the dissertation, the author notes that his strength is rapidly declining. Quickly starting with a few pages a day, he gradually reduces the daily rate, and then does a long break. One of the possible reasons for this decline in performance is an unreasonable daily routine. Disserters like to declare themselves “owls”, which gives them the moral right not to start work on the thesis until late in the evening.

Lie down at 8-9 o’clock in the evening and get up no later than 4 o’clock in the morning. A bucket of cold water on your head, a large cup of coffee, and you will wake up such creative forces, the existence of which you never suspected. But the scientific workers are stubborn people, and after a whole day of stumbling around, our dissertator, wishing the household good night, sits in the kitchen at the table and tries to overcome the stupefying with the help of coffee and cigarettes. Do not be obstinate, follow the good advice, and you will save time, strength and health. If you are a happy graduate student and do not have to walk daily “in presence” by nine in the morning, try another mode option.

Any of the above variants of the biased regime reduces the number of your contacts with people, which also saves time and effort. Some detachment from vanity is an indispensable condition for any creativity.

Before you a blank piece of paper or a computer monitor on which you must fully and clearly state some facts and explain their meaning. For a beginner, this is an almost impossible task. According to the experience of his first publications, he already knows what “stress of a clean sheet” is. The main problem is for him not to find successful expressions (although this is difficult), but in the sequence of presentation. It is incredibly difficult to say everything without missing anything and never having repeated (“truth, only truth and nothing but truth”).

Book Review

The review is a genre of literary criticism, a newspaper and magazine publication, but at the same time it is rightly considered a genre of bibliography (it originated from the bibliographical description of the book). Usually in the review is given a bibliographic description of the book, information about its content, composition, problems raised in it. It is characterized by a small volume and brevity. The reviewer deals primarily with novelties, about which practically no one has written, about which a certain opinion has not yet taken shape. In the classics, the reviewer discovers, first of all, the possibility of its actual, modern reading. Any work should be considered in the context of modern life and the modern literary process: to evaluate it precisely as a new phenomenon.

The following main types of review are conventionally distinguished:

is a small critical or publicist article (often polemical in nature) in which the work in question is an occasion for discussing topical public or literary problems;

 -essay; it is more lyrical reflection of the author of the review, inspired by the reading of the work than its interpretation;

– An open annotation, in which the content of a work, features of a composition, polygraph performance, skill of an illustrator is disclosed and at the same time is its evaluation (often in the selection of material itself);

– Auto review, which describes the author’s view of his work.

-examination review (as I understand the review on the school exam) – a detailed annotation. Bibliographic description of the work (author, title, publisher, year of release) and a brief (in one or two sentences) retelling its content. Critical analysis or complex analysis of the text: the meaning of the title – an analysis of its form and content – features of the composition – the skill of the author in depicting heroes – the individual style of the writer. Argumented evaluation of the work and personal reflections of the author of the review: the main idea of the review is the relevance of the subject matter of the work. In the review is not necessarily the presence of all of the above components, most importantly, that the review was interesting and competent.

Resume writing service

There is an opinion that a resume is a ticket for a work of your dream. This is a very erroneous opinion, which killed a career of a large number of professionals. The main task of resume is to show the actual value of you as an expert. That is why the resume can be compared to a banknote: it should look like a million dollars.

Sometimes, employers eliminate good employees because of the poor quality of their resume. In order that this does not relate to you, we will consider the basic rules for compiling a qualitative and up-to-date resume. There are no universal resume for all professions. The task of each type of resume is to show what is most valuable for your profession. For example, for selling professions it is important to show how you earned money for the company. It is important for technical professions to show the availability of key skills and knowledge, for marketing – implemented projects and so on.

A million-dollar resume is a resume that is built into a success story. It should be clear how your education, career path, training and certificates, personal qualities and the position you want to apply for are related. The resume must include your progress for each job. It should consist of simple words and expressions, there should be no formalism, and your phrases should be written by you personally. Total information must be truthful and brief enough.

The sequence of data layout in the perspective resume can be the following: last name and first name; your photo; contacts(do not write your home address, note down your current number and city, where you live); the position you are applying for; key competencies are a part for experienced specialists (here you need to point professional knowledge and achievements, as well as indicate a few personal qualities); education; trainings; work experience (at the top – the most recent place of work, below – earlier) and the complementary information (knowledge of other languages, skills in using programs, presence of driver’s license). The most optimal volume for a resume is two pages. Always check the resume for grammatical and syntactic mistakes. After all, a competently written resume is a persuasive proof of your professionalism and erudition.