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Before writing a review, write down the key points:

-The goals set by the article.

-Teoretical and basic proposals to the consumer.

-If there is a clear conceptual line?

-Do you know the facts and are they of weight?

Does the article tell us about the problem with which it was written?

-How and how clear is the text written?

-Ownly determine the structure of the review

Next you need to come up with a good review title. In this plan, you can choose two types:



-The descriptive title.

The type is determined by how and in what style the article is written. What is she talking about.

Next, you need an introduction. How to write it correctly? In the review in the introduction, references to the main material are often left.

It is written in any styles. It can be and the statement of the information actual, the description of your impressions about a product that can hook the reader. It is a maximum of 20%.

In the article you need to write basic thoughts. They need to be summarized beforehand. How to do this if the promoted text is small? Highlight the main thoughts, support them with facts of research or evidence of the relevance of information.

Write reviews are recommended using quotes from the main document. Try to use these allocations less often. Maximum two times – only the most basic moments. If there are a lot of important points in the product, you can highlight one most weighty one, do not forget to mention the buyers ‘reviews or manufacturers’ facts. This will serve as evidence.

Write a quotes from other sources. Never write that you liked the product. Only arguments from external sources.

Intellectual completion

At the end, write an overview of the main parameters. Summarize all the positive aspects described in the article. Confirm once again the value of info with facts from other sources. That is, make an emphasis on how information or promoted product will come in handy. What knowledge the user will gain. And do not forget that the completion is no more than 10% of the review.