How to write the best essay

Considering the fact that the essay is essentially based on the personal opinion of the author, first you need to have a vivid position on any topic. Choose what it will be: a question, a situation, a problem, a work of art or something else. To correctly write an essay, it is important not only […]


When entering a magistracy, the student should know that for two years of studying at the master’s program he will be engaged in research activities, the result of which will be the defense of the master’s thesis. Working on the text of the dissertation, the author notes that his strength is rapidly declining. Quickly starting […]

Book Review

The review is a genre of literary criticism, a newspaper and magazine publication, but at the same time it is rightly considered a genre of bibliography (it originated from the bibliographical description of the book). Usually in the review is given a bibliographic description of the book, information about its content, composition, problems raised in […]