Resume writing service

There is an opinion that a resume is a ticket for a work of your dream. This is a very erroneous opinion, which killed a career of a large number of professionals. The main task of resume is to show the actual value of you as an expert. That is why the resume can be compared to a banknote: it should look like a million dollars.

Sometimes, employers eliminate good employees because of the poor quality of their resume. In order that this does not relate to you, we will consider the basic rules for compiling a qualitative and up-to-date resume. There are no universal resume for all professions. The task of each type of resume is to show what is most valuable for your profession. For example, for selling professions it is important to show how you earned money for the company. It is important for technical professions to show the availability of key skills and knowledge, for marketing – implemented projects and so on.

A million-dollar resume is a resume that is built into a success story. It should be clear how your education, career path, training and certificates, personal qualities and the position you want to apply for are related. The resume must include your progress for each job. It should consist of simple words and expressions, there should be no formalism, and your phrases should be written by you personally. Total information must be truthful and brief enough.

The sequence of data layout in the perspective resume can be the following: last name and first name; your photo; contacts(do not write your home address, note down your current number and city, where you live); the position you are applying for; key competencies are a part for experienced specialists (here you need to point professional knowledge and achievements, as well as indicate a few personal qualities); education; trainings; work experience (at the top – the most recent place of work, below – earlier) and the complementary information (knowledge of other languages, skills in using programs, presence of driver’s license). The most optimal volume for a resume is two pages. Always check the resume for grammatical and syntactic mistakes. After all, a competently written resume is a persuasive proof of your professionalism and erudition.